To live with you, But not know you.


16 Years side by side separated by a wall.

You're my brother, my parents greatest illusion.

Since you were born we saw your first steps, we heard your first cry.

You had such joy and we saw you with such admire.

But then you stopped. A doctor diagnosis paused our life.

You would search to play with others, but they ignored you. 

You were not considered "normal"

You started to seclude yourself from the rest. No. Others excluded you.

You became reserved and trapped in your own little world.

I would stare at you to see what you thought about, or if you thought at all.

I never understood why this happened to you. Why?

You would have such joy and I wouldn't understand why.

But then I questioned myself. You don't have a disability you just require more needs.

Yes others may see you as different but different is ok.

And we love you for that.

     -To my brother with a "disability"





My brother is differently abled too. Thanks for your poem. 

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