My Autistic Brother


The smiles he gives

Are the greatest things to see

In his heart

I know theres a place for me.

Tallness takes over

With big feet at the bottom

He's a white tan

Like cool fall leaves in Autumn.

The curls that bounce 

As he trottily runs 

Are like the fresh slinkies 

That are first undone.

He loves to laugh

While looking in the mirror

If only we could know what he's thinking

A lot more clearer.

He's the smartest little thing

Even though it might not show

When no one is around

He's sure of what to do, I know.

Stuck to a special diet

But does his best to avoid it

Cookies chips and brownies 

Are surely his biggest targets.

When not pleased

He throws the biggest tantrums

With screams that pierce

Like a high pitched phantom.

Says not a word

But laughs as if somethings there

In his mind maybe

But to me it's just thin air.

I feel bad for him

But then again i do not

God made him for a reason

He is a blessing that we pay attention to a lot.

He's very different

I love him more than any other

Xavier Alexander Garcia

My Autistic Brother.



Thank you. It usually takes me a minute to write a poem but this one is special bc i just kept going and going and it's him all the way.

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