Daughter of Silence

In the chthonian cacophony of this

Fast-paced world,

that never stops, never halts

Always turns, always runs,

Coffee drinking, Not really thinking

Humans scrambling: out of beds

into offices, through the door--

Everything hurriedly,

Without a breath-

Trying to beat, trying to compete

For the money, for the fame

For other reasons, I cannot name.

There is noise, there is chaos

Answers shouted, voices louder than..

Hush… Do you hear that?
The voice of a girl who longs to be heard?

Shhh...The soft whispers of answers,

The gentle tone that’s drowned in the

Murky waves of unnecessary sounds.

She may not be loud; may not be brave

But she has a voice; her soul a deep cave---

Oh, daughter of silence, where is your voice?

Tell the whole world what needs to be known.

Do they not embrace the demure reticence of

An introverted soul?

The peace that comes from within?

The thoughts that fill her head,

The words that fill her heart,

She does not know how to express.

Wait, don’t go; do come back;

Too late, she’s gone again.

Withdrawn, reclusive, hard to talk to

Intrusive in an extroverted world;

This self-forsaken girl.

She cannot be seen,

Nor is she heard,

So, how can she live

In this overly expeditious world?

Soon the Daughter of Silence

will have her word,

For now, she has no choice

But to remain the bay

On which the incessant sound waves

Continue to crash upon day after day.


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