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For every time I built that shining castle made of glass The winds of fate would blow again And shatter it to ash The gleaming shards that shine so bright Reflect my hopes and dreams
What is it about the night that makes people so scraed? Is it because of the fact that they know that if something bad were to happen, they would not be sparred?
If I could- I would change the world and make it kinder, more just - a world of peace... but I am not God, possess no miracles- still, I'd aim high... If only I could,
You hide behind hills, Curves of rock snaking up, Strangling The lakes and rivers-- Your tears. And the blades of grass, a fine-woven net To catch, To cut, To keep
along with dusty and rusty road i'm travelling through my path those wicked ways i've encountered are those obstacles, which I need to pass so,
If poems could weep sweet dripping words that speak the heart's pounding defiant secrets once forced hushed to a peep, then let my pen stir rivers and streams,
It’s my first time. The words. Hanging off my tongue. He’s the first. He’s special. We’ve been together for so long time. I’m nervous. Terrified. Ecstatic.
Once upon a time the was a boy in a mahogany canoe. The boy and his mahogany canoe drifted down a stream that contained memories of an individual in the water's reflections. From what the boy could percieve he saw a young
Do you remember? How we used to play pretend? And giggle and laugh Until the day's end? Do you remember? The many adventures we took Together as partners, With every step, the earth shook
I anticipate one day, Someone might understand. That wishes I made, Would be your's to take.   The more I think, the more I care.
  The night before last, when I laid down in bed A familiar dream wandered into my head.   I was an apartment, that I knew was my own.
Failure is a creature of the darkness, But I can see it clear as day. A monstrous entity of terror, Feeding off the smallest of insecurities. Its grasp is ever tightening,
I wish that I can make them happy. I wish I can make it true. But I wish that I didn't have to procrastinate, but hey what can I do? I wish I wasn't so privileged. I wish they understood.
Three hundred and sixty five days are enough to make you a different person. Enough to make you grow, enough to knock you down, enough to make you live. These days are filled with hope, despair, luck, Lessons.
Sunlight blinds me waking me from the great dream I've never gotten a chance to finish. 6 AM always comes so early the smell of coffee not even a thought in my house yet
Between these walls lie hope Countless nights spent studying for English exams Hoping to gather enough knowledge to pass Flipping through barely legible notes Dozens of pages of them They make no sense
life and all its colorful catastrophes i walk head down searching for a penny for my entity i walk head up searching salvation for my soul   a sudden crash loud and clashing people running  
An idea, a memory, a thought. Things wort more than air. Love. A whisper, a smile, a tender look. Things more valuable than the oxygen in or lungs.
My mind is such a mess. I wish I could explain. Am I happy or am I upset? It's hard to tell with such pain. Should I even care? Because at times things aren't fair. I could feel the change.
The bass kicking in, The beautiful sound of the melody, I could feel the singers emotions, I could feel the pain synthesise in motion.   I feel the tears going down her soft skin,
The thought of you makes me smile, Listening to a song or seeing a couple holding hands and wondering why you can’t be with me. I want your touch in the most innocent way;
I am tired, I am hungry, and I am weak I have looked high and low, but nothing have i seeked Every day many drop one by one All continue to drop for more months to come Why must we starve huh? Why must we suffer?
Dancing in a ring of fire Hoping that your dreams aspire But the drive down the road Is one you'll make all alone All of your wishes and hopes One day you'll climb all the ropes
As I look for my new spiral notebook in the morning I see this old spiral notebook the yellow spiral notebook before that yellow spiral notebook, there were many spiral notebooks  
I remember growing up Constantly singing and dancing In my head I was Alicia keys My whole family told me id be a star that I could do anything I put my mind to That I could be great
Make me a fantasy out of all of the stars, just how deep do they pierce the skin?
I am filled with lost hopes and dreams and confusing words, lines, pages what does this mean? I'm still in the process of adding words still trying to figure out this thing called "Life" 
When I say “I love you”, I mean it I know it’s right
I love  you  You love me 
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
My skin burns where your hands once were like acid on light flesh. I've taken four showers today to try to wash away the pain but your handprint stays on my porcelain skin.
Prisoner of Words Unsaid  For so long For so long I've been a prisoner  A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me  Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
I love you more than words can say.
We are not bound by blood yet nothing can separate us I do not know you since birth yet our energies tell a different story
  Don't imprison me with your determined boundaries of fear and unhappiness  My love is real, unwavering Don't hold me so close, so tight I can't breathe  My breathe is for you, unheedingly 
Dreams are just that, they usually stay dreams, Reality is just that, it is real, Yet, why can't you make your dreams part of your reality? Why am I so passionate about this you may ask...
Why write when Tim Horton’s has the NEW RED VELVET CUPCAKE? When Zara’s new floral jeans are $49.99? They also sell knitted sweaters, flat rim hats, faux gold necklaces, OPI nail polish, Mavi jeans
  Never Forgetting             Sheets of steel, behold with fear             Stand alone             Against all odds, so appear             In the shadows
  Wishes passed onto you             When life turns round             It sets a wall             So very, very tall             Separating two sides
Words of the mouth are difficult for me I don't take my time I don't think before I speak But words of the fingertips Those are to keep
I want to go, simple as that. From forested lands to earthen flats. to sail over seas and soar in skies, I want to know what swims and flies, I want to know what crawls as well,
Imagine a world  Where you serve daily Give daily Put everyone else before you, daily Imagine a world.    Imagine a world  WIth daily smiles Daily laughters
  Would anything get done if everyone agreed -
I am the dreamer of a million things  the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams  as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, 
This may be belated, but education has stated that we need it for jobs. Where we rob the poor for the poorer. Your money's never yours, it's his and hers and theirs and mine. You say that's just fine,
I am a dream A picture formed on the mind I am a vision Is what I think of all the time But what does it all mean?
Her dreams are coming true, So long she has waited, She never imagined the things she had so longed for would be given unto her, She has always been a dreamer, She thought these dreams were just like the others;
Don't give up. When roads are long, and paved with fears. When seconds turn to hours, and hours to years. When your dreams seem far and out of sight. And you paint on a smile,
A sea away, Endlessly long days, No sleep at night, A few fights, Plenty of giggles New food that jiggles, Chance of a lifetime, Cost way more than a dime, Want to go back,
I feel like I've been sitting here Waiting for my time to come But no seconds are passing me by   I'm tired of looking out this window But the leaves reveal with every fall
  In our hearts are hopes and dreamsonly to be replaced by lies and screams.They ponder away so silent and cold,wishing they could be thought of and retold.
Day One. We all smiled at each other, prospective friends, Day Twelve, We hate each other, more than we can bear. The darkness we've found in these halls has begun to transcend,
Dust me off and take me for a spin I begin to feel you here again Maybe I will cross your mind when autumn comes Or just become a face of places you are from   Like a frozen tableau on a stage long ago
The stars are shining bright In the middle of the sky Producing a faint light As I look up and sigh Their beauty is unmatched So bright and real I've grown quite attached To their perfect appeal
exhale— watch the tendrils of smoke dance before being whisked away. sitting on the porch railing his book open beside me as he searches for the meaning of life. he could give
What does writing mean to me?  It's a way to make my words flow, like wind through trees.  A way to show on paper, the picture in my mind.  Despite the fact that I can't draw and my painting skills are way behind, 
She runs though the greenest gardens chasing the lover she only knew But while she runs time fails her More often than not she finds herself Sitting under a familiar hollow tree gathering her thoughts
The future is so uncertain Although there are days that it’s all I think about. Where will I be? What will I be doing? & more importantly who will be there? It’s crazy…
I crave to see the world. I have a lust rooted deep within myself for adventure, A hunger to pack my bags, pack my life, a camera, and someone I love. The desire to travel has always clung to me.
A story never told is just Blank pages with possibilities Causing the mind to begin racing, Ripping and Raving Searching for an answer, amongst so many confusions Today or Tomorrow, Tomorrow or Today?
person of trust trust no more laugh at my pain then hide my pain now command respect and give little respect in return demand me to work but work I do not pretend serious one minute
May your journey take you far from this darkness May your will to prevail heal the sting May you continue on this lonely and unbeaten path May this closure bring peace to you and the world
Dear God, Somethings I just don’t understand; like things must be extremely complex or my mind too inferior to comprehend, the things that plague the human mind, body, and soul.
“I had a dream” A very famous quote. A dream of unity. A dream of hope. Everyone has dreams. Some good, some bad. But one thing I must tell you Is of one that I’ve had.
the earth cries, each soul of are's get hurt for what others setup, tears for faith take us to heaven and make mistakes to the eyes that is unforgiving unseen story's the forward comes
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