I remember growing up

Constantly singing and dancing

In my head I was Alicia keys

My whole family told me id be a star that I could do anything I put my mind to

That I could be great

The only bad thing about a stare is they burn up

Let me be a diamond.  Strong perfectly flawed and almost rare

Its much easier to live up too

I had such big dreams

But reality has a way of murdering hopes

Cold cased desire

My whole world flipped

Well really it just came into focus

I saw life and society for what it was

All the stars I looked up too were gassed up

There nothing but pawns. Why else why they call it a game

Besides it’s a one and a million chance I make I make it big

Facts don’t lie, but statistics can be misleading

There are too many stars in the sky for me to stay grounded

They seem so inviting from a distance but I wont’t get close for fear of being burned

Im tired of wasting wishes on nothing but balls of gas in the black space

We call it industry

But no one would ever accomplish anything if they didn’t take chances

Dreams coming true result from crucifying practicality In a blind faith that it would become a reality

Realizing nothing is impossible is part of growing up

Making it just means making up your mind to never quit at what you love

So I will keep dreaming regardless of regret

Contrary to caution

Worry less and unafraid

My voice will be heard and my truth will be spoken.


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