Three Hundred and Sixty Five

Three hundred and sixty five days are enough to make you a different person.

Enough to make you grow, enough to knock you down, enough to make you live. These days are filled with hope, despair, luck,


Lessons that taught me how to grow; how to live. There's something about the past year that did something for me. 

it was bad.

It was filled with sad endings, stressful beginnings, hard transitions, and new realizations. It was filled with times of hopelessness, times of anxiety, and times of strength. It was filled with financial instability, broken family bonds, and pessimistic mindsets. I didn't think the past three hundred and sixty five days would get better.

And they didn't.

But that doesnt mean this next year can't. 

The past three hundred and sixty five days have showed me who I don't want to be in this next year. I want to be who I wasn't. I want to be who I haven't been before. I want to be everything I wasn't in 2016. 

I want to be me. 


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