I love you

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I tried.   I tried.   I tried; I really fucking tried.   You're in my mind all damn day and I can't stop thinking about you.  
I write this,   thinking everything will be fine,   but I've learned not to get my hopes up.   Learned not to love too much.   Learned not to speak too much.   I write this,
When I tell you I love you, Do not be taken aback by my sincerity Do not mistake the passion on my tongue for malice The fiery flick of a candle A forest fire in a distant dream
Today the sky is really blueLike how I feelI really feel blueBecause I really miss youI really want to meet you nowBut I can notI really want to see you nowBut I can notOnly I can see your pictureI can only see your face in my mirrorI can only rem
We've made some some good memories together, Making them seem like they were forever, everywhere i go reminds me of you, Just to think  it makes me blue,  As the years fade away, nows there less time to say,
heres to you i can pretend that i am not lying here heart broken that im not listening to music on repeat and sobbing into my blankets i can pretend it doesnt hurt
sage /sāj/ noun 1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.
Stars that waver in the night Its cold exterior rippled by the comets shed The aurora night sky blooms in unknown emotions The cosmos is all she weeps for
I used to think no one was perfect. The idea of perfect being so distant from reality. Like the stars shining in the sky that continued on indefinitely, his love for me is shocking.
he and i laying on a soft quilt the cloud cover making the room dimly lit, but even then i can make out the details in his face; like the freckles sprinkled acrossed his right cheek,
Crusing down the streets Late at night The clock struck past midnight Although I can't quite see your face, I love the way you look at me With the streetlights glowing in your eyes 
You're kind of crazy and I am too, I'm only me when I'm with you.   You make me smile like a child, I hope you'll stick around and stay awhile.   You make me feel so safe inside,
I want you to tell me again, because I couldn't say what I wanted too. I need you to tell me again, because I wanted to say what you expected me too. Please, just tell me again,
There's nothing so much that scares me more, Than the soft and prickly things that start small, In the cracks of humanity, growing like sponges,
Slow dancing to Sam Cooke under the mountaintop stars, Cooking creamy chicken parmesan alfredo Saturday night While hearing the pot singing and sizzling. Laughing until our insides crumble in pain,
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Why are you here? It's past your bedtime. Get some sleep!     (Sweet dreams, I love you!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Thanks. For everything. I appreciate you, and what you do for me. And I love you for that. (Seriously!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you. It's ok to be sad. But I just wanna tell you that you're loved. Okay? It's ok to want to be alone. But I just wanna tell you that I'm here for you. Okay?
Hey, you. Yeah, you! I don't know how to tell you this. Imma have to whisper it to you.   (I LOVE YOU.)   Did you hear me? Good.  
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you had enough water today? . . . Take care of yourself! Geez! (I say this 'cause I love you!)
Hey, you. Yeah, you! I love you. Have a great day. I gotta reiterate. (Just in case.)  
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have a great day today. (I love you.) !
Dearest one, I Love You You don't know how much those three words mean to me they cut deeper than any swords etching your name in my blood my DNA screaming for your touch And so I try!
It's been almost a year That's three-hundred-sixty-five days since the last time I saw you Since the last time you had life inside you. I remember the wires, the hoses, the machines
You make me smile, make my days better. I love talking to you. I feel like I can tell you anything and you would not judge you would just stay and keep me close. Never leave me like the others.
If I were to have just one wish, I'd wish for just one careful kiss Upon my lips-chapped though they be, Oh, Sorrow! That you can't love me.
Dear Mom, I once wished for a motherwith lighter skin. I once wished for a mother who looked identical to me. I once wished fora different mother. I wished things I wish I didn’t mean. I thought your mother had to be identical figures. But that is
I now know with all my heart that my life belongs to you And with you it will stay when I say "I do" Because so long as you are willing to spend time with me My heart will only beat for you as I know you see
To thirteen year old me  you're gonna change a lot over the next few years   your whole world is gonna feel like its upside down  theres going to be days you cant even get out of bed but you need to keep going
I’m letting you go because I cannot bear to hurt you anymore. I am letting you go to allow your happiness to flow freely. I am letting you go because I cannot hold onto a fleeting idealism.
You were so keen on leavingso abruptly, tooI did not know how to recoverAnd so I wept, and wept, and weptwith the knowledge that I’ll never see you again.  
Because I love you, I’ve always cared             Always wanted to see a smile on your face             Always wanted you to be happy             No matter the cost Because I love you, I worry about you
Dear Little Brothers and Sisters, When you have a relationshipKeep this in mind: Hold their hand,  to comfort themRaise your voice,in support of them
Before I met you I thought the words “I love you” Always came with an ulterior meaning So when you told me you loved me I waited for you to tell me what it was But you never did
My mother was a queen. But my father treated her like a maid. His morals were sharp like the glass plates that shattered on the ground He was a patriarch. My mother was a homemaker,
The day that I met you, We were stuck like hot glue. Because you were all I could cling to When everything inside me felt dark blue.   The way you wanted me, I always strived to achieve. 
When I am with you I feel free, like a bird flitting from tree to tree.   When I am with you I feel warm, like when we sit at home watching movies with popcorn.  
Becuase I love you I... Sneak up behind you to give you a warm hug, Go to the store and buy your favorite food,  Give you a kiss whenever we are seperated, Never go to bed arguing,
The first time I realized I loved you You were sitting in front of the TV, It was glowing around you like you were Something holy
Because I love you I support you in everything you do. I might not think you are good at it but I support you. Because I love you I defend your name when you cannot.
Because I love you, I'll always say it and mean it I'll always answer your call at 3 am  I'll always listen to you vent when you've had a bad day I'll always laugh at a joke that took you days to write
because i love you, i see ultraviolet whenever i close my eyes. i see my shadow, my reflection in the mirror, and i am no longer afraid.   because i love you, i look at the world and i feel safe,
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
8 letters   3 words   I LOVE YOU.   Its deadly like venom,   it will course through   every vein
The day I met you I was confused, The message you sent me that made my mind and heart flutter, I still remember, I was fixated on your looks at first but then it became your heart,
Bed of thorns, vacant flowerbeds, Flowers plucked and torn, your loyalties shed. Flower crown of spikes, flower crown of thorns, Wicked wicker-weaved words swarm.    I'm selling secrets a dozen a bundle
It's this weird feeling like someone just gave you a sip of water  after a life long drought like seeing the sun set for the first time after years of being blind love is something like that 
the constanants tingle, the vowels vibrate into placenot quite creating the words but leaving in my brain a faint traceI can feel them in my body, they move from my head into my heart
Started off with butterflies every single time,  I gave you a rose and my heart you put me in the line But then I turned into a beast and I started going wild, And now I'm sitting while I'm watching you without a smile
I find myself stroking your cheek Before I even have the chance to speak I catch myself mid-stare Tangling my fingers in your hair I feel embarrassed, realizing To me your touch is tantalizing 
She’s there for me through thick and thin, No matter the state of mind I’m in. When I’m down, she’s right with me. I’m the lock, and she’s the key.   I’ve never had anyone like her.
When I think about you I see the sun and the stars So radient and bright my eternal shining light. When I think about you My breathing quickens My heart races I can't seem to form words.
walking under the angelic stars capturing every scene of our love painting our joys on the pearls of mother nature cherishing every moment that we share living for a destiny that holds our path together
I am from fond memories made with him from his smile that never leaves his face I am from his tears that form every night for they cloud his eyes from the thought of me  
 Before you I never truly believed in soulmates, Before you I thought that maybe you just learned to live with the things you didn’t like about the person you love,
Stop hiding yourself Stop worrying about your singing voice so much You’ve been hiding yourself long enough Shine your colors Break free from the prism you’re in
You, whoever you are. You have come so far, and with such grace. I know, it’s hard, I fucking know.  
Forever shall we be together. Until the last breaths are drawn. Complete in one another. Kindred are our spirits. Yearning hearts pulled together. Out of our control. Undying is our love.
You have filled my lungs with your smoke, You have stained the backs of my eyelids. When they speak of love, I feel you. When I close my eyes, I see you. I wish I could let you go,
Dear Mother, I love you So Happy Mother’s Day  To all mothers, but mostly you   You’re always there To get me on my feet You’re always there
You must help me to become my best   I'm scared to fly away out from the west   It's nothing. nevermind. I'm here with you    
~Dedicated to Courtney Bennett, my 9th grade physical science teacher~
I will live Through the struggles. I will live. Leave my bubble. Because to live in hard times is better than not to live at all. I will live Through the pain. I will live.
The first time I knew what love meant
I am a child born into hate and despair I wander alone with no one to care No one loves me You are a child born out of love I'm always right here, is that not enough? Child, I love you
Here I am Every night Thinking of you My body lingers for your touch My lips crave for your kiss But all that stops Now that I see That we just aren't meant to be 
I Love You is a term used soo loosely, that no one even knows the real meaning. People say "I love you," and then end up hurting each other. So you're left to question does I love you mean good or does it mean bad?
I looked at the cover of an old book that remined me of you I didn't know what to say or how I could have changed it all I remembered the brief moment your lips touched mine 
You hold me close and say, "Don't fret.""It's okay, I will soon forget".I know the words are only in my mind,But somehow this connection we have; it speaks to me.
(This was written for my grandmother Bonnie who passed away from colon cancer) My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the sea   She set sail only a couple of days ago
I love you with my heart I love you with my soul When I see you smile It makes with whole Your eyes sparkle like the moon So bright, so blue, so perfect Just like you
You told me once that before I was yours, All you could think about was holding me. So when you finally could, I felt that desire you expressed Seep through your skin and burrow
I like you, but is that true? No, I love you sounds better.  "I love you." These are the three words I wish I could say to you. But what if I'm wrong? What if I'm mistaken?
You’re beautiful Inside and out. Why can’t you see it?   I stare at your eyes Mesmerized by their beauty Why can’t you see it?   You are nothing but trouble Oh so addicting
Who will you be? Will you grow up without me? Or will we stay here? Under the golden sphere? Or maybe under the silver moon? While you act like a loon? What about today?
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