My Love Is True

I love you with my heart

I love you with my soul

When I see you smile

It makes with whole

Your eyes sparkle like the moon

So bright, so blue, so perfect

Just like you

A text from you brightens my day

Just the word “hey” makes me go cray-cray

If only you knew

How I love you so

Life would be perfect

Oh how I know

I can tell you anything

Everything and all

You’ve always been there

When I could have fall

You are my best friend

No one even compares

If you only knew

That I can’t help but stare

He is the one

Who I will never forget

He’s the reason I’m here

The reason I never quit

He makes me smile

Treats me perfectly too

I hope I never lose him

I wouldn’t know what to do

You are my best friend

I hope you are aware

You belong in my life

For whom I will always care

It hurts inside

That you don’t even know

That I love you more

Than ever so

But my love is deep

My love is true

And it will never fade

So tell me now

And tell me true

Do you love me…

The way that

I love you?

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