because i love you,

i see ultraviolet whenever i close my eyes.

i see my shadow, my reflection in the mirror,

and i am no longer afraid.


because i love you,

i look at the world and i feel safe,

hopeful, alive, and so existing,

so present.


because i love you,

my skin finally fits

and doesn't bunch around

my ankles or squeeze around my

ribs until it becomes too

hard to breathe.


before i met you,

there was this noise

inside of my head,

this noise was everyone else

around me telling me who to be,

where to go, what to do,

to keep looking down.

but you,

god, you, you, you, you.



i love you because

whenever you call my name, and

whenever i hear your laughter, and

whenever i look at you,

you silence that noise.

you made me look up.

you unblinded me.

you made me see.


you never made me feel wrong

about who i was,

or who i am,

or who i am yet to be.


i love you because

i am enough for you.

maybe even more.

and you never gave up on me,

even when i gave up on myself.


because i love you,

i love me, too

and i dont know how

i could ever love you enough

for teaching me how to.

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