1. a plant with green leaves that are primarily used for cooking, originating from southern europe and the mediterranean.

2. a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.

3. an earthy gray-ish green color like that of the herb.

4. a girl who makes me feel like i hold the sun in my hands and the stars in my eyes.



i have put off writing this poem

for so long

because words simply

cannot describe you,

how i love you,

the way the world dissolves away

like poems on papers with water stains,

when i look at you.

and i try to get some kind of hold,

to save the words that crumble in my hands,

i try not to tear

the fragile framework between my fingers


it’s gone.


you make the world dissolve away.


it is easy to be with you.

to be surrounded by your gray-ish green aura

to let your smile pull me in

and catch a laugh attack,

a deadly disease,

highly contagious,

but worth the trip to the hospital

if i get to spend it with you.


it is hard to be with you.

to let your energy completely engulf me

and wash everything sage green,

to fall into the patch of grass in my front yard

and let the earth swallow me whole,

to bury myself in the garden beneath the herb beds.


sometimes i think,

“i could fall in love with that girl.”

and other times i think,

“i already have.”

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