Sleeping Beauty

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Twas the evening under the sea Where there wasn't one princess but three They resided in separate castles But meeting up was never a hassle  
Once upon a time...   In a lost lost world A dreaming girl slept. So did her country men And everyone who wept.   A hundred years passed A not one second early,
At first, I thought I was born to do this. It took a while to realize that mole was not, in fact, just a mole.
Once, in the vast history of the Earth, A kind-hearted prince Phillip, owner of jade eyes and silk tunics to match, Found himself convinced of the worst crime possible:
She couldn’t even whisper In her eternal sleep Had to wait ‘till he kissed her Lovely ladies don’t peep   In her eternal sleep
"Sleep on it," sage advice. As I tumble and trip, struggle and rip myself apart from within - anxiety-coated. Caught in sleep, only to wake upon another's idea of what shall save me.
Once upon a time,I touched a spindle.It was the worst decision of my life.My godmothers put me to bed.They begin to argue,Like always.I lay there hearing every word.I try to open my eyes. 
Everyone said sleeping was a curse placed on me. They don't know the whole truth, But I'm going to tell you now, you see, I'm glad I got put under In a coma like embrace. What no one really understood is,
Everyone said sleeping was a curse placed on me. They don't know the whole truth, But I'm going to tell you now, you see, I'm glad I got put under In a coma like embrace. What no one really understood is,
Upon a bed Of cotton sheets, Of pillows full of  down,   A princess rested Her heavy head, Her golden hair like a crown.    Perpetual sleep, Frozen time, 
Once upon a time amidst the skies within a metal tower out of many a glass imprisonment incases a beauty not a breath not a flicker
What if Aurora didn't want to be in love,what if she fell "asleep" to avoid,the pain of the pressure from her surperiors above
There once was a princess With a heart built to grow It's not really my business, But I felt you should know She's said to be sleeping We all know the fable But instead of her dreaming,
Night and day Day and night Sleep till dawn Sleep till night Sleep forever Never to awake Loves first kiss doth this curse break
Once upon a time;   The most beautiful maiden in the land,  pricked her finger- destined asleep for a cycle of seasons, was promised life by a challenger of fate.   Approaching the deadline;  
Water rushes without the light All alone, a lonely plight A whoosh of air, I’m not alone A bright, bright light Your face then shone.  
On this day, the sun had shone brighter than on anyother day. For this day, the king and queen were blessed with the birth of their first borne child. A daughter whom they named Aura.
It's my destiny To fall asleep,  But I lie here wide awake.   My head ablaze But my body still Silently awaiting my fate.   For I cannot sleep, How hard I try,
Born with blood royal And blessed with fairy wishes, A young girl was to grow into a lovely woman But was tainted with one’s cursed kisses.   No matter the spoils or words of roses
“Wake up my dear it isn't time for you to go”, Leaning down planting his lips on hers. Time ticks by but she doesn't open her eyes Still the same before her “true love’s kiss”.     
i am not a princess,  i am a queen.   at my fingers is not a bippity boppity wand, but a sword called excalibur. at my side is not a mouse and a sweet bird, but the servant of maleficent, 
Once upon a time There lived a girl in the depths of Nacogdoches Dirty blonde hair and teeth with holes She smelled of an ash tray Death Her skin tainted as if she worked the furnace room
a glow disturbs a peacful night a hesitant breath cold stone underfoot Do not touch make sure you are alone.  of course you are, you have been told, Do not touch whatever this is,
On the day of Briar Rose’s seventeenth birthday, As the curséd fairy had said, She pricked her finger on the spindle, But many do not know the truth behind this story…  
Once upon a time there lived a belle. Who could not withstand living in a world which seemed as a forbidden hell; So she wept and slept the suffering away-- Her name was sleeping beauty.  
Afraid to close my eyes. Afraid to journey into the dark abyss. The fear of being trapped surrounds me. Suffocates me. Constrains me.   The creatures of the night
There's this weird lady, who seems a little shady, trying to offer me an apple.   the dwarves warned me about strangers, but why do I have to seem like a hater, why would this situation matter later?
Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a hero He swept her away to another world 
Black. Dark. Heavy The        Words                Can't                      Fall                            Out Sleeping Beauty is what they say
<Opening> Birth, isolation, indulgement in nature Innocence, happiness, bounded in Eden Dancing, smiling, someone else’s pleasure. <Decision>
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met A boy she only knew from afar But a boy she loved nonetheless.   One day the girl got a message
My name is Aurora, and you probably know my classic tale, But what if I was to tell you that in the end it failed?   It started when a fifteen-year-old I Touched a spindle and nearly died  
Sometimes, I can not feel myself amid the glass. Blue ribbons neatly fold around my neck; It seems to be hotter than fire. I live another day of horror Or so they are led to think.  
Not so long ago, A beautiful girl was born. They named her Aurora After the glittering dawn. Soon she started walking, Which was followed by talking Before her parents knew
When Auntie Mal passed, young Brian Rose tried to sleep forever. He lay in the gray bathtub  And let his 16-year-old brain slip into the ether.  
Aurora’s torso moved like waves as she slept Maleficent could no longer reach her there. It took her away from realities cold grasp. In the tide of dreams, she remained for a year.  
Burning, burning rose alight, Why do you being pain and sorrow tonight? While the clock strikes midnight As each petal crunches in my hand; Little drops of blood splashes,
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