A rape victim

Sat, 08/05/2017 - 10:07 -- bissyya

Once upon a time

There lived a girl in the depths of Nacogdoches

Dirty blonde hair and teeth with holes

She smelled of an ash tray


Her skin tainted as if she worked the furnace room

She scratches herself at random moments

And speaks to herself as she walks back in forth between her homes

Midday she walks again



To her candy man

Uncertain of the ingredients list

She inhales her sweets



Crawling to her second house

And lies on the pavement

Her eyes droop



Her body is there

Her soul has left

A man walks the sidewalk

Becomes aware of the lifeless beauty

He takes her for himself

Her limp body moved unwillingly

Her lips pierced with dry and cold lips

Her legs split forcefully for full access

She awakens briefly to speak

But the only thing to escape her bruised lips

Was her name


Man rebuttals

No baby

You are mine


Sleeping Beauty 


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