Little Sleeping Derrella

Twas the evening under the sea

Where there wasn't one princess but three

They resided in separate castles

But meeting up was never a hassle


They were the best friends but more

They didn't have just one problem

They had four


Cinrora was the first

She was so nervous to marry the prince

She thought she would burst

So every night when she fell asleep

She woke up and threw up a pile of feet


Second there was ariella

Who’s hair was light as a feather

But would lose all her teeth in terrible stormy weather

It takes seven day for each tooth to grow back

Which made the toothless princess easier to kidnap


Auriel is third and lastly

She has a giant pet rabbit

Who has a terrible habit

Of making anyone who pets him loose their memory

And made it easier to steal the entire treasury

Each princess just wanted to help each other

But the found out that all of them have the same grandmother

They were all original princesses

That got tricked by the same prince

He changed his name and his personality

And swept each princess off her feet dashingly

But one day the original princesses found out and the prince said not to worry

But what he didn't know it would make for a twisted allegory

Two generations later would mix up all their stories



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