Waking Up To Disappointment

My name is Aurora, and you probably know my classic tale,

But what if I was to tell you that in the end it failed?


It started when a fifteen-year-old I

Touched a spindle and nearly died


The entire kingdom became thorn-infested

No one should have entered, as they suggested


But no one listened, and a prince saved me

And from my sleep was I then freed


So when I awoke from a hundred years' rest

I puckered my lips and hoped for the best


And when I opened up my eyes it was him I could see

But all I had wished was that it was a girl saving me


Prince Phillip, he's handsome, yes that I know

But my family insisted I marry this brave fellow,


To their request I did comply,

But on the inside I wanted to die


And then we were wed--for me to be his mate,

But why in the world did he think I was straight?


For my love has never been for a man,

But rather a woman in a far away land


So that is why tonight I take my leave

With the dark of night covering over me


To the prince, I'm sorry, but did he think it would last?

I'd much rather be with a girl whose shoes are made from glass


I thought I could pretend and be his wife,

But all that's done is heighten my strife


And now I leave for a girl far away--

With her I shall forever stay


Yet, dear reader, never fear

For the story does not end here


Prince Phillip remains a kingdom hero,

And has much more time to spend with his "bros"


I did find my princess, and together we now live,

And I guess that's the end of my revised narrative


So, faithful reader, take to heart my story, and moreover:

If you're not satisfied, then your tale is far from over.


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