Sleeping Doesn't Mean "Kiss Me"

Everyone said sleeping was a curse placed on me.

They don't know the whole truth,

But I'm going to tell you now, you see,

I'm glad I got put under

In a coma like embrace.

What no one really understood is,

I didn't want to be awake.

There were too many balls,

Too many tight dresses and pretentious princes to impress. 

I got bored and I got tired, 

So I went in search of rest.

I found a witch who could do the spell, 

She understood the need I felt. 

So I pricked my finger on her wheel 

And gladly began the great ordeal.

But then the rumors started, 

That I was trapped by a vicious curse.

That was when the entitled white knight arrived,

To undo all my work.

Without even bothering to knock,

He came right inside

And headed straight for my sleeping form

Curled up on the couch. 

Playing some stupidly loud song,

he came right to my side

And put his lips on mine.

So I woke up with a start

and punched him in the eye. 

Had he never heard of consent? 

I didn't say I wanted it.

Did he not know that one should never wake a lady from her sleep?

Some will tell this story and say I was happy to be kissed.

Others will say I was asking for it,

By simply laying there

Obviously waiting to be ravished.

He got what he deserved

And that is all I'll say.

And after that I rolled back over to sleep for another day.


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