The Sleeping Beauty

Not so long ago,

A beautiful girl was born.

They named her Aurora

After the glittering dawn.

Soon she started walking,

Which was followed by talking

Before her parents knew

She was already starting school.


They were so pleased with her

And always sang of the joyous days.

But eventually elementary school faded away,

And high school came into view.

At first it seemed so innocent,

But it quickly became dissonant.

The homework began piling up,

And Aurora sank into a world of grief.


Aurora's life was plagued with stress

Due to homework, clubs, friends, and boys.

She became so busy and couldn't keep up.

How much longer could this last?

Her boyfriend Phillip wanted to help,

But no one could stop her constant yelp.

Night after night she lost so much sleep.

Aurora was always up to see the dawn of each day.


Now she had to plan for college.

Where would she go? What would she do?

How could her parents pay for this?

Of course she was just the runner-up for prom queen.

However, the year was finally starting to end,

And she was sad to be leaving her best friend.

Graduation finally came and went,

And then the beauty fell asleep.



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