Fallen Kingdoms

Once upon a time

amidst the skies

within a metal tower out of many

a glass imprisonment incases a beauty

not a breath

not a flicker

for too long she hasn’t woke


Within the glass

her golden hair glows

sways in sparkling blue liquid

tubes of rainbows spill within her veins

metal relics and white mirrors

stay lit with lingering sounds

no ice

not yet

For this inner sanctum


Light is given to a sorrowful haze

what is heard is the shifting cold frost

eerie whistles

the winds cry around the colossal ruins

columns of endless stone, glass and color

just hollow remains


No more


It was past the end

everything became nothing

their creations and their destruction

this frozen world became their aftermath

the only light within this dark future

the cursed

the beauty


Her endless life within dreams

not a kiss

nor an end

for it has been centuries past centuries since

a prince

engulfed by green flames

a dragon

of black scales and a terrible heart

and a sleeping princess

forsaken amongst the charred ruins

now trapped in a sky kingdom


Another kingdom


Another has fallen






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