sleep on it

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 07:02 -- keilihm

"Sleep on it,"

sage advice.

As I tumble and trip,

struggle and rip

myself apart from within -


Caught in sleep,

only to wake upon another's idea

of what shall save me.

Bitterness, the cause,

and I within a forgotten castle

overridden with thorns.


Where do fate and patience lie

on this tightrope I wander?

Afraid to step too far,

willingness to step farther,

I am caught in limbo.

Can I truly change how I shall fall?

Can wings sprout from doubt?

My breath catches with change

it sways me off balance.

But if I close my eyes I can see a horizon.

Vague as it may be,

it exists.


I am young but not free

adventures attract me

I am confined in stone

in the hills, close to the sun.

Jewels adorn every flaw I could see

They say I'm better off

but do they decide my fate,

and with it the evil,

which clouds my home?


Untangling the cobwebs of my mind,

revealing my true potential,

Leaving the rope and ascending the stair, to where?

I approach my fate with crystal eyes

Shimmering naiive

Born a babe with a cursed gift.

Bathed in green, envy shone upon me

My fate transforms as I do

and my bright future may just be

a spindle in a room, waiting.

Virgin hands stretching,

grim realities reaching back.

Aged hands offer me something bright.

Take it I might.


Can I trust in the serenity prayer?

Fate designed by others,

is it fate at all?

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My country
Our world
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