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when the ray hits you it reminds you of life not of the current but of life at its source   it brings up the issues from inside your bones and beneath your skin interrupting hibernation
  When you find yourself stuck Drowning in the depth of it all Clinging to the light above you And praying for help.... any help   That’s when they say the familiar phrase
in the afternoon sun we   become  different people. we change color and change into color
I often think of us as a time of day early evening, late July cherry trees swaying in golden hour light I float home with you every step a bit of music 
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
I hope tomorrow never comes. Tonight to last forever.   If we wake to the sun, rays on our face, it's too late. I'll know  theres no time to leave this place.   Morose feeling inside.
the brain is a university bedroom adorn it how u want   scatter memories like golden fairy lights circling the sloped ceiling look how they flicker until they are reduced to a soft glow
i'm afraid.   it's a feeling i can't escape from — nothing i can turn a blind eye to, skip over, forget.  
When they ask you to, you turn on a fluorescent bulb: an artificial mockery of healing light bright but not alive like flame or stars (which are only flame anyways, I suppose)  
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A golden glow falls down from sky, And on my face and hands does lie, It warms my skin, but also soul, And heals my broken heart to whole.  
Light Living in my skin When daylight reaches past 8 And arises before 7 An axe splits open my shell A familiar coffin of cobwebs
Her hair shines fire in the sunlight Like in the sun is the only place she belongs  And the moonbeams caress her dark skin Like she has always been a part of the stars  And the universe glimmers in her eyes 
Five A.M. And the world Is fast asleep My alarm clock Blares And wakes me up While yours Prepares To go off In an hour My tea pot Shudders
Whoever said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” must never have met a Black woman. I have not met other people whose presence radiates warmth and sunlight, or another being who has the power
Happiness is brought with daylight - luminous, balmy, tranquil, with smiles as large as the sun, itself.   When night steals the sun,
It's easy to get wrapped up in the fog in your head, In the stress looming, threatening to overtake you like sharp-toothed shadows It's important... It's important to exhale To inhale
My eyes are tear-filled My head is spinning  My soul feels crippled But the sunshine is coming   I take a step into the wilderness of busy streets and bustling lives
I've spent a lifetime in this room.Certain sources of light.Various lamps have come and gone,all lasting different times.Wherever they have been placedin the dark box that is my room,
I enjoy this site.  It's a new means of self-expression that I enjoy. Being able to write out what troubles me or stays on my mind for too long has been a great aid  to me. It gives me hope for a clearer mind. 
The sunlight slowly began to fade, It's silent whispers hissed, "Don't be afraid." It disappeared from empty streets, as little children hid under sheets.   Darkness filled the broken ones,
What a wonderful thing it is to know light from dust. To know plastic from purgatory.
*/ /*-->*/ Beautiful Love Affair
The winds that awakened the stars are blowing through my blood; The universe resides within,
She Is The Sun
Held in place by the light, we die happily, Wise in our time. The solid light suspends us, upends our minds
I drove with the windows down To feel the air upon my skin To watch the sunlight kiss the trees To figure out what sleeps within  
A casual ray floating through the airIlluminating the deep caves of my sheetsPressing against my skin with delicate sincerityMurmuring to me to wake upAccompanied by the birds exquisite melodies
How can yo
                                    The                                 moon has                 illuminated the cataclysmic nights of my existence-                                       but what joy to embrace
I miss you,  because without you, my life feels like, a punch in the gut,  a curse word yelled in the middle of a public prayer, falling,  falling hard, 
a day that passes is flowing
They scorned the sunlight is what I was told. They asked for shadow Over gold. But the sun could not help But To shine. So they would run, and they would lock themselves inside.
The curtains softly sway with the windPeacefully embracing a new dayEverything comes to focus, glazed in golden incandescenceSunlight caught on your eyelashes
In a place for me to call my own A stationary mass moves through. Quickly rotating without knowledge; I stay still.  
lemon sweet magnolia sticky melting in the trees. wild abandon in a dark forest, sunlight slots on a soft, mossy floor. kisses without care. wet raindrops on soft skin, cooling hot blood.
When someone asks "Are you gay?" When someone says "You look lik a guy." When someone knows the truth they know me by no lies they just dont know it all the real alswers to their questions
Honey-colored sunlight  Softly inching toward me  Warmth sinks   Through thin white sheets  Deep into my skin Filling my lungs  
When will the darkness end? Will morning ever come? Will I always have to pretend? Or will the mask be broken by some? The smile on my face, Is almost never real, I put it there to hide,
Joy is a smile a laugh a thoughtful frown   Joy is the sun the rain the hop of a frog   Joy is a poem a story and a song   Joy is walking running
In the summer we let our feet run black with dirt and pavement. Our heels pounded the sidewalks, our skin slapped the streets; each bound stung a little more than the one before.
One sunny day I went to the beachI was soaking in the sun like a deprived solar leachBut the longer I stayed sitting, basking in the heatThe more my mind would wander and soon I left my seat
I've always wondered why dawn cracks. Dusk doesn't, but somehow daylight is like lightning. Somehow the sun breaks things when it rises.
How come everything seems to be turning around but all I see is your pain in the crowd no peek of sunlight coming down feeling like a bee in the rain could you find my heart
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