When you find yourself stuck

Drowning in the depth of it all

Clinging to the light above you

And praying for help.... any help


That’s when they say the familiar phrase

You need the dark to appreciate the light

As if suffering is a rite of passage

The darkest of nights all end in sun


But what if I wish I had never seen it?

Never seen the sunlight?

Or felt it gently touching my skin?

What if that would make it all easier?


Living in pain would not be as hard

If I had never known peace

Living without you wouldn’t be so hard

If you had never met me


Would I miss the sun if I never knew?

Never felt it’s warmth?

Would I even care at all?

Or would I know deep down that something was missing?


I wish I had never seen the sunlight

Because then all this darkness

would just be life and no one would know

That things could get better

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Nice! No matter the darkness there will always be light and when the light comes it brightens and dispels all darkness

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