5 A.M., And the World Awakes

Five A.M.
And the world
Is fast asleep

My alarm clock
And wakes me up
While yours
To go off
In an hour

My tea pot
A signal
That the water is hot,
My hollow cup
Soon fills
And its sweet aroma
Wakes me

I open
The back door,
Trying not
To wake my family
And I step outside
To feel
The cool air
Fill my waiting lungs

I sit peacefully
In the quiet of morning,
Hot tea in hand
Watching the sun
Hesitantly peak
Her head above the horizon
And stretching
Her rays of sunlight
To everything
Once blanketed in darkness

I watch
The cool grass
Sprinkled with dew
To their full height
As the sun
Dries them off

The trees
Raise their arms
To the sun
As if begging
For her light
I watch
As the sun
Slowly gains confidence
And rises higher into the sky

I close my eyes
And let her rays
Wash over me
I listen
To the excited chirp
Of crickets
When the warmth of sun
Caresses their backs
And the peeps
Of early birds
As they go in search
For their morning meal

I hear the creaks
Of my house
As it stretches
Preparing for my family
To walk along
It's wakening form
I open my eyes
And pull my tea close
to drink the last drops
Savoring its sweetness

I grin at the sun,
Now higher and brighter
and I wave goodbye
As I glide
Back into my house
Just in time
To hear the six a.m.
Alarm clocks
Blaring inside.

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