For the love of Black Women

Whoever said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

must never have met a Black woman.

I have not met other people whose presence

radiates warmth and sunlight,

or another being who has the power

to recharge the spirits of children

and families and strangers—

how else could we all survive through so much?

Whole generations raised on the backs of,

hanging from the bosoms of,

little feet running at the side of

Black mothers,

who never even got a moment to rest.

For the love of Black women,

I rise

to the occasion

to success

to the high expectations

set by the Black women

who love me

even when I can’t see it.

often, I feel the urge to flee

from this Earth.

In my darkest hours,

I stare aimlessly at the walls

floating in and out of sleep

hoping that sunlight will

greet me with the warmth

of hope

of kindness

of renewal

of Black women.

For the love of Black women,

I know that I can greet any day.

To rely on their love and strength

is to rely on myself;

I, Black woman,

who greets every new day with



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My community


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