Winter's Day

They scorned the sunlight

is what I was told.

They asked for shadow

Over gold.

But the sun could not help


To shine.

So they would run, and they would lock themselves inside.

Until winter came.


Winter did come, and with it the storm.

So they walked with heads bowed against the rain and

The wind

Had claws

And it tore into them

And they were beaten and bruised ‘til they made it to

the end


The day.

And then, they woke up

And did it all again.


This is the story you tell, as I drift off to sleep.

No reason to fight or to yell, when you can whisper

Sweetly through my dreams

Of a world without sun


Dreams of a world

Without light.


They scorned the sunlight

Is what I was told.

But a world without sun is so terribly, terribly, terribly


And their sweaters wore bare from the bite of the chill

And the answer nobody could know:

That they had hands in their pockets and feet in their shoes

But nowhere to go.


“Open your eyes” they tell me!

You were never dreaming.

Take in the world that you see, the one that is gasping, screaming

For truth in a world

Without sun


Looking for truth

In a world




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