the brain is a university bedroom

Sat, 07/27/2019 - 08:33 -- mxllika

the brain is a university bedroom

adorn it how u want


scatter memories like golden fairy lights

circling the sloped ceiling

look how they flicker until

they are reduced to a soft glow

of something u once saw so vividly


personality; a pretty picture

pinned by its four corners onto the walls

(careful now, we want the deposit back!)

let the cobalt and sharp reds

cut through the cream


unruly thoughts may lie in the washing basket


if only u had the time to fold them away

to encase the duvet and pillows with fresh perspective

and sleep on it for good measure


open the curtains and watch

the sunlight parade its way inside

feel its warmth and dance with it around the room

ow! my foot!

—mind the table


photographs to make u tearful

if u concentrate, they’ll come alive

tiny friends say hello and remind u they care

u already know this

they always blow the cigarette smoke away from ur face


but the lease draws to a close

wrappers litter the carpet and

perhaps it’s time to hoover

scrub down the skirting boards

til ur skin peels and stains with white


pack it all in the car;

this room was always gonna be temporary

but why does it feel like

u’ve left behind

more than just a bed, a cupboard and a desk?



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