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A soft breeze flows seamlessly Through a forest the size of the world A tree feels the featherlight touch The generous moon places upon it
We are all human beings. We all have feelings. You are all the same in that we are human. It doesn't matter what color we are. We should all be against racism. We are all equal.
  Time was something as a child that I really couldn’t convince. It was a complex phenomenon that I really didn’t care to believe. Time is forever on the run.
Cold of glaciers chill my bones Sweeping down from mountains Icy streams and cool winds Stealing heat from stifling days Pulling me back into myself An individual among individuals
Just like Father, With strength in my shoulders, Compassion in my veins, Others in my thoughts, I am one-track-minded.   Just like Mother,  With determination painted on my face,
Who am I They always ask Who are you? Who are you? How am I supposed to know? I've spent my life as a mirror Reflecting what everyone wants to see Wants me to be
Dear Future Self...I really hope that you are not theMe that I am now.The one who is too patientFor her own good.  
  I want you. For who you are alone while holding hands with me. Freedom I hug you, because yes, because no. I hug you to empower you, never to become one.
I glare at the full-length mirror trying to comprehend this mess you see in me. You stare at my flaws, these holes in my life, blaming them for the problem burning at your core.
While the sun rises and sets with its comity, We continue to make the same mistakes and break amity, With no other person that ourselves. Remember to yourself that circumstances and conditions lay upon you,
How can you be so cold With a heart like yours Keeping you warm Pumping blood That's heavy as gold?   How do you not care When all we did Was share
The seems of my disguise burst at the seams Of simmering restraint. For, sun-like, beams The shadowed self through artificial means, Resplendent force that must demand be seen. To know myself by peering outside-in
Silence The Pressure Builds Silence is Present in Silent Space The Pressure Builds Silence Echoes through the Unknown The Pressure Builds Silence Reverberates across the Expanse
Beauty without a filter original without interefance  natural without camouflage  I am me, I am imperfectly perfect  I am an individual, I am independent  I am one in a million 
In a moment
They’re breaking the orchid ribs,
In elementary school, recess was the most important time of the whole day to us.
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
White, black, yellow, red.
#nofilter, #selfie, #natural, #fleek Hash tags are the holy grail of most social media websites I can use them to show my followers what I'm wearing Or show them the memories that I'm sharing 
Sick of this era’s categorization, overanalyzation, and hasty labeling of human beings.   They label us all smoothing stickers over our names,
If you think you can be // a better me than me Then your You is not all // that your You could be.   No one can do me // like I can do me - effortlessly.  
Quadrant I avouches positivityNo matter what angle you gaze fromEvery daybreak, we wake up in the origin
Self-seen The strongest I've ever been A societal strain Recites lies and prompts pain But I Refuse the abuse Fight hostility with happiness And affliction with bliss To be durable
Live life at your own pace because if you let other people dictate how to live, then you truly are not living a full life.
Started long ages ago,
By him alone I was forced to fly.Alone he scolds each time I fall,and I wonder how a head so bigcan hold a brain so small.
She takes the dagger and thrusts it into her heart. Why did things have to turn out this way?
For as long as I remember, she told me it was sick That I should never look at one that way It bothered me that she said things like that She wanted me to be perfect, her miracle
I woke up like this  but still it took some work 
I woke up like this  but still it took some work 
Lips are stained Her pearls lay Beauty is transformed into something much more Age and beauty You thought did not mix But believe me it combines into someone almost breathless
The handbag is Fendi. And the jeans? From Guess. These pumps are Yves Saint Laurent. What you’re smelling is Dior. And it didn’t come cheap. I saw you looking so I thought you should know.
Can you not see who I am? Hatred bound to a soul constantly witnessing discrimination of WHO I AM, Ringing in my ears, “You’re black, act like it!” “You’re female, act like it!” “You can’t break the mold.”
If you cut me into 16 pieces 1 would be Native American 2  Italian and 2 more British. 5 would be Polish and 6 would  be Russian. If you cut me into 16 pieces, like slices of cake,
  I’m different from most people, in a amazing way; Lots of people hate on me because I always have something to say.
There is this universal belief
I am more than white skin (you see). I am more than my family's yearly salary (you want). I am more than the slouch in my back (you think should be corrected).
Uprising, insurge
Black is a color but it's not me, its just a title they put on the crayola crayon next to the gray. But its gone far more than anything before, never has this been a subject to explore.
I am one of many, a flock of birds flying free in the wind. As the wind carries me from place to place,  I am seen merely as a single leaf in a stack of leaves being raked by Hope. I am part of a whole, I am one of many.
If I had the power to change things I would not change much Just the direction of my feet When the ground is hard and Laden with a cobbled facade I would change the sound of a tragedy
My hair is a big rat's nest filled with tangles My eyes are soft geen lilypads floating on the water My legs are long and run fast My brain is a planet of fairytails and imagination
  The Sun sets every noon at twelve o’clock in June. Square shell feathers chirping in their square straw nests, Hung in the middle of a tree, Whose grown in line like army rows, missing leaves.  
Find your placeWhether it be crowdedAnd shroudedMaybe people galoreBut something you should know isYou may still be aloneYour place may be crampedSmashed and bashedInto a tiny corner
Should you be tempted to show me your mind? Why can't you see past my eyes? I am the unrevealing, and the unbias opinion you crave.  Tell me your secrets so that i may keep them as my own. 
  I am insane. Accept it or not. I am not the type to change just for any person. So don’t even try,  Because I will never alter.
I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I'm in. It can invite people in and show the softer side of me. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show or hide too.
What have done again? My goodness you did that wrong. Stop stop stop do it this way. I swear men your killing me. Is like talking to the wall with you. Can you ever get anything right?
What have done again? My goodness you did that wrong. Stop stop stop do it this way. I swear men your killing me. Is like talking to the wall with you. Can you ever get anything right?
I am...strong, loyal, patriotc. I care about my country and my fellow brothers at arms. Brotherhood is significant to me. Knowledge is imperative to me. Trustworthiness is considerable to me. Striving for exellence in all I do. I am myself...
I was born by myself I do not need anyone else Walk by myself Trust nobody else Go about it myself Believe in myself I even celebrate myself
You don't really follow dreams You fight, You chase You lose, You win A struggle of accepting and denying parts of what you believe. Defining why you are here. Why you should be  
    Only the cutters know why they cut.     Only the runners know where they run.     Only the dreamers know what they dream.     Only the gamers know how to game.
I am more than Science and Math A's and Honor Roll Brains and Glasses Braces and Books I am Music and Languages Poetry and Art Pictures and Colors, Vibrations and Sounds ...Expression!
Chain me up and my actions follow the pattern Thinking freely becomes a problematic matter Breaking free from labels becomes unease Your self doubt is for the world to feed Our thoughts is for us to own and probe
Define yourself Are you blending into the background Like the kids in the back of class Or are you as bright as The pink elephant in the middle of the room Does your mind sit still Like a singer on hiatus
The song of the unspoken soldier I am not sure why we were to be left here. Gunshots blowing, streaking past our faces. The great abyss of death and sadness Only to be remised as light streaking by our eyes.
Your mouth screams individuality, but what you fail to realize is that there is a label on your heart that reads "product of society". You think you're rare and unique,
In body, I am much the same, The mind however's, a different game. I am not bound, on earth to tread, Nor to sail, the seas of dread. Not constrained, by death or time, I am free, I've learned to fly.
As long as its in the future time will move me toward it,so im going to keep on fighting, while im struggling but its worth it., tired of all the hatred,im tired of all the fighting, so tired of my own lies,sick of my self portrait, disliking who
I have crawled. I have explored. I have taken my first steps from my mother's arms to my father's, Hence taking my first steps toward my future.
There is something about empty space, where there are no competitions. The blankness is tempting, tempting you to fill it at your own pace. Occupy the void with anything you want,
I. Think of a Polaroid, with its thick, white border around my snapshot of Kadeem, little boy with shiny onyx skin squatting behind white bars on my uncle’s porch by himself.
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