Just Like


United Kingdom

Just like Father,

With strength in my shoulders,

Compassion in my veins,

Others in my thoughts,

I am one-track-minded.


Just like Mother, 

With determination painted on my face,

Helpful hands to guide,

Impatience at my core,

I am selfless to a dangerous extent.


Just like Sister,

With support encircling my soul,

Melodies coursing through,

A drum beat all my own,

I am passionate about everything I do.


But then again,

I am not like them,

In a magnitude of little ways.


Confusion about what comes next,

Kidnaps my head and heart,

At the peaking hours of three,

Screaming internally for an answer,

For someone to show me the way.


But I have values to keep,

To never stop learning,

To never stop creating,

To mow my own path,

Even if the grass is sharp.

This poem is about: 
My family


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