Just Real


So courage says to me

that I'm not ready to be with the best

that I rather stay on the sidelines

and watch

the little remains of my


combine millions of pieces into my tissue,

catching these salty teardrops that burned my eyes red,

saturated my broken lips,

stained my tongue with 3rd degree burns so deep,

not even GOD's touch can soothe me


Even the Devil

can't hold me down

from getting on this stage

and spitting out this




deep down inside me,

that's clawing my diaphram,

climbing through the dark walls of my lungs,

slowly reaching up to my burned tongue

and releasing this wrath of hell

that it'll be tryna rap this when its over


I'm just real


Real enough

to open all those feelings

like a hornet's nest

and for those who can't hear me,


to my letters intertwined with blue fire

glowing into melted golden cases of angry bullets,

screaming and flying from mad machine guns

and ending this bloody war with an atomic grenade,

blowing your minds higher than the end of space itself,

while the dust settles on the ground

with your doubts about me because,

I'm just real



real enough to stand up

4'11 and a quarter inch of self-consciousness beatings

on my feet and back,

monster written on my arms,

fat scratched on both sides of my thighs,

ugly painted all over my spotted acne face,

fool printed on the back of my head...


I still stand before your mistrusted eyes,

breaking through that cornea

so that optic nerve can show your brain

that you see a




beautifull brown diamond

that's ready to give a knockout

in this comeback with Courage

as the bell sounds the last round

and I spit my fierce combinations,

jab after jab

on its disillusioned face

and follow-up with a sucker punch line,

dropping its disbelief about me in this ring,

since I was taught and raised by my family

to be flawless satisfaction.

I'm releasing this dragon

because it broke free

from these wary steel chains,

charred this hell remains

to blacken ashes

and I'm rising as the Dragon



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