How can you be so cold
With a heart like yours
Keeping you warm
Pumping blood
That's heavy as gold?
How do you not care
When all we did
Was share
The darkness
That tainted the air?
How can you keep walking
As if I'm not here
Am I really just a ghost
That you'd rather not
If only you saw
The pain that you caused
With the tears on my cheeks
And the words
On my lips.
If only you felt 
The touch that I craved
With soft hands
And a gentle gaze
To guide your way
If only you heard
The curses I'd praise
In retaliation
To your name
That I'd say
If only you saw
What I saw
Maybe you'd see
That the darkness that hides
Isn't who you are
And even though it hurts
To pull at threads and see nothing 
In return
I know to put on a smile
And run.
Because that's who we are.


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