The Real Me

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 19:45 -- sonia89


#nofilter, #selfie, #natural, #fleek

Hash tags are the holy grail of most social media websites

I can use them to show my followers what I'm wearing

Or show them the memories that I'm sharing 

There are hundreds of filters that can be used to enhance your pictures

Some use filters simply to avoid receiving heated stricture 

But not me, not I, not all the time

No, when I refrain from using filters, I feel as if I'm at my prime

The selfie that I put out there for the world to see is one that fills me with ecstasy

It is one that shows the inner and outer beauty of my face and personality

It is a selfie that does not need filters to hide the flaws of my every nook and cranny

A tiny, red blemish here and a few baby hair strands over there 

But is there any need for me to conceal them if I don't care?

No, it is okay for me to be imperfect and post imperfect selfies

When I use #nofilter, I am declaring that I am the best that I can be 

And there is no need to use sepia, monochrome, or black and white to conceal the real me






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