Product of Society

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 19:59 -- indiajp

Your mouth screams individuality,
but what you fail to realize is that there is a label on your heart that reads "product of society".
You think you're rare and unique,
but you're just another dummy for them to poke and critique.
Soon enough you'll see that you unconsciously conformed to this materialistic society;
your initial purity is slowly polluted with negativity.
And eventually all that's left is memories of what used to be and lost hopes of what could be.
Now your only wish is to escape the dark narcissistic pit that has become your reality.
Identity is no longer a sacred thing worth protecting,
it's been thrown to the side and replaced with a uniformed way of dressing, acting, thinking, and believing.
And what we once knew as individuality,
is now nonexistent.


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