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I can't see tomorrow, I can't see today, The only thing that matters is NOW. Now...             A world,                         A universe. The essence of understanding,
I don't know much about life just yet, But I've got enough life experience to know what's best, Like if you think you're in love and your heart leaps out your chest,
7th February,2019. The day was rough. My head, Full of thoughts. When did I start asking for His will,  To be done in my life? Yet I still want, To survive this life. On this I pondered,
  My eyes are fixed on a goal, Far more important than gold, Is the crown of life. If doing this makes me a crazy guy in the eyes of the world. Then I’m okay with it.
It was the same scene time after time, had me wishing i could fast forward or rewind and make it all go away, but I can't .... so it's all here to stay. A new day was a new nightmare,
God gave me hands to write, feet to leave a footprint, and wings to fly.
It is with good reason that I believe  Our greatest sins are hypocrisy What it means to go through life as a contradiction to oneself  Not enough dissonance could be synthesized in my mind to make up for that
I am lost in a sea of minutes and hours I am trapped in a castle, locked in it's towers I am floating through life like a leaf on a breeze I am crushed by my fears and left on my knees  
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
You say there is a God, I ask you where You say you must believe And he has a reason   He is hurting me I am fifteen
One sleepless night, I looked out at the stars, so bright The sky deep blue, almost a black hue The wind was blowing, and the moon was glowing  
Dear God, Hi. It’s been a while. At least, probably longer than it should have been.
  Dear staring stranger,   I am who I am I am the product of two best friends I am who I am I am the daughter of a military man
Dear God, 
Dear God,  I hate myself and I cant get over it. Its not hate that is appparent or overwhelming but, hate that lingers. This hate is like an itch I cant scatch.
They say if you can’t see God, then he’s never there. If you can’t hear him, he won’t answer your prayers. If you’re going through something, he doesn’t care and
Dear God, I'm screaming, I'm shaking, I'm dead inside.  I want to be good enough and believe me, I tried. So I take a deep breath and I count to three.  I imagine the person that I wish I could be.
Dear God, Where is my life going, what do you want me to do? There have been so many things that I could say bring me close to You, But they never seem to be the end.  
Born, with a strange taste,This man, chews on some newborn's,Succulent organs,As he satisfies his vastAppetite, in these late hours
I know it’s all for the good Because I love you. You have called me to this, And You can get me through this. I know if You told this trial stop it would, And I know if You wanted You could.
Dear God I am so afraid I am so afraid of being wrong Not saying 2+2=3 But of being so damn wrong in who I am So damn wrong in my choices
What is love? Love is God! That's what you've been told? No, it's a feeling from above.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter 1 [From: Him To: Me]  
I sit here with duct tape Closing my mouth. Thinking the thoughts I’d normally say aloud.   I’ve recently learned What to say and do. And these teachings have brought out:
Give me nature With its beauty, And I’ll be happy. Give me time with animals-- My passion and life’s dream-- And I’ll be happy. Give me music, Influential lyrics and uplifting notes,
A balm for hurting hearts; A peaceful dwelling for those in peril; Joy to a singing heart;  Full of rest for those who are weary; A house of friends for the wanderer; Provider for the lacking;
Burning long,  Burning strong. Fill yourself with sin,  You'll find yourself a home.    Flames burn eternal,  Searing through your thin, delicate flesh.  Hope for escape?
I have heard people saying: God doesn't exist, but they are wrong and I'll prove it here.   Imagine no one control this world, what would be of us? if we are destruction
How come when it comes to God, free will is mandatory, our must have in order for Him to be good But if we pick up the crack pipe, empty the bottle, shoot up or click on that porn site it's our addiction
Was there ever a place the storm had not been? The storm shrouded everything.  The sea's azure peaks and emerald valleys  Always smothered by an array of greys.   
I have ben in the slums of life, up to my knees in the murkey waters of rejection I have been knocked down, forced onto m knees by life and yet, I still rise   I do not rise for the glorifiction of myself
Young blood spilled on harsh ground Anguished cries of a hurting mother and father A surgeon’s plea for a steady hand as she Questions why a babe was shot tonight
Life What is it Why do we exist  Why is there pain Living this life with much to lose and nothing to gain  I've contemplated what life is  And for the most part, I don't understand it
Life What is it Why do we exist  Why is there pain Living this life with much to lose and nothing to gain  I've contemplated what life is  And for the most part, I don't understand it
You probably wonder why I put you through all of these things
What have I done wrong, Yet what have I done right? I feel so unwanted, But I know You hold me tight. My life is changing quickly, But it feels like I'm on pause. Problems are arising;
I'm swimming in a sea of metaphorical green, Taking pleasure in the beauty that's to be seen. I can't complain right now I am facing my test I have a field of hardships to plow There's no time to rest
In you I trust In you I blame. For I understand To misunderstand. While others neglected, Some have questioned I am among those two.
I am a Man of God. I ask myself, "Are you living like a Man of God?" Humph... Something is just not right... Why are these things happening to me? Why am I hearing these voices? Get away fear!
i wrap my self up in my own love because i never found someone who could love me as much constant target on my back media telling me my black is wack but their wrong you see my black is strong
Like a baby, my first steps are difficult. I fall countless times. There are bruises and wounds to remember the struggle. And like a baby, I keep trying. Like a baby, I look ahead and find Father waiting for me.
  Feelings come and go, But God will never go.  The presences of God is like a light That shines through the night; His spirt well eliminate all my fear Its light coming from above,
At this point in my life Nothing seems to make me feel good It’s like I’m the last person In an abandoned neighborhood Friends will come Friends will go But there is one person
It's crazy. There's this thing: I possess, I implode, I am u t t e r l y surrounded by some Great-Gentle Sway. The Eternal One. Sustainer. Peace-Maker;
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