Dear God

Dear God, 

Oh, what to say to you. You have given me purpose, you have given me responsibility, and most of all, you gave me love when I did not know what love truely was. My whole life I always knew I had to have some type of purpose, maybe a heroic calling? Ever since I was just a small boy, I have always wanted to make a change, to just make a difference, like you. No one old me I had to believe in you, not my parents, not my friends, and definitly not social media. I choose to believe in you. I choose to believe in you God as much as I believe that I will make a change some day. To be completely honest with you God, I just wanted to write this letter for scholarship money and points for my grade, but I realized that is not the point of this. The true point of this to really just pour out how one is feeling about a certain subject, so here it goes. Thank you God for never giving up now, I will never give up on the love I have for you.


Jesus E. Mendez

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