Vow to Now by Glena M. Waterhouse

I can't see tomorrow,

I can't see today,

The only thing that matters

is NOW.


            A world,

                        A universe.

The essence of understanding,

The realm of truth.

Moment to moment...

            Breath to breath.

Knowing in your heart

That chance and coincidence

Are non-existent and spent.

So say good-bye to fear,

(Fear was never your friend anyway.)

Say Hello to love...

            Open all your doors and dungeons

            With your arms open wide

            Your heart will beat with anticipation

            And you will know the beauty of truth.

So make a vow to “Now,”

Make a promise to a dream.

Live each day with wonder and say,

            “I'm going to make today a day to remember,

            Unlike any I've lived before.

            I'm gonna put my life in God's hands now,

            And surrender to His love.

            I'm gonna let the warmth and beauty embrace me,

            I'm gonna allow myself to be.

            For I, am truly free.”




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Our world
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