Free Will

How come when it comes to God, free will is mandatory, our must have in order for Him to be good

But if we pick up the crack pipe, empty the bottle, shoot up or click on that porn site it's our addiction

Something we can't control but instead it controls us, binds us, breaks us and dare I say enslaves us

Willing participants in our own demise...after all, the difference between us and the slaves of yesteryear is the face we chose this

But instead of standing up and declaring our free will gave up our freedom for a pipe dream

We timidly, and with a degree of rancor, point the finger of blame at the disease that caught us outside our volition

Wishing God had given us a different path to walk, different battle to fight and different decisions to make

But that's the problem isn't it...our rapid fire ability to have God shoulder the blame for our mistakes and failure but not our salvation

As if we can completely separate the two and still live a kosher life

And by kosher I don't mean food but rather the images of Biblical Pete's dragon...a people separate to show His likeness

Like a people with tongues of fire that incinerate selfish excuses and self protecting motives

So that the purity of Christ that has been placed inside of man can be clearly seen...beautiful

Maybe it's time to take a peek at those chains and admit our slavery once and for all

Without Christ we are nothing, no free zero has ever had reason to celebrate

Instead of scoffing at and blaming God for where our life is, perhaps we can thank Him

Often I need to be reminded that this story isn't about me, but I'm sure glad I get to be in it

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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