Like a Baby

Like a baby, my first steps are difficult.

I fall countless times.

There are bruises and wounds to remember the struggle.

And like a baby, I keep trying.

Like a baby, I look ahead and find Father waiting for me.

 If I just keep trying…

I must keep trying.

And like a baby, I fall once more.

With each step I take, I feel farther and farther from my destination.

And like a baby, I look back. I want to go back.

 I want to crawl once more.

And like a baby, I cry. I let the emotion overtake me.

My legs give way.

And like a baby, I fall.

But unlike a baby, I finally stop the flow of tears

Realizing that I am the only one that can push myself forward.

I see how far I’ve come. I don’t want to crawl, I want to run.

I push myself forward.

Before, one step felt like forever. But now I am so close.

I can smell it, I can taste it.

And unlike a baby, I run.

I run because I can. I run because I want to leave the past behind me and go forward. I run because a warm embrace is waiting for me.

I run into Father’s arms. I made it.

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