A Lofty Enchantment

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 22:10 -- TheEon

I'm swimming in a sea of metaphorical green,

Taking pleasure in the beauty that's to be seen.

I can't complain right now

I am facing my test

I have a field of hardships to plow

There's no time to rest

And let my mind ruminate

Illuminate the dark patches of the soil

Products of my naivety

Past turmoil

No time to second guess myself

Cuz I’ve got my blessings stored up on a shelf


I’m a book collector of wisdom

Serving my Master and His Kingdom

He assorts and appoints the approvals of all the kindred souls walking in through the narrow gates

There are all kinds of political debates that mind the policies that make mankind congregate

Like civil liberties, the climate, sustainability, and the ways which we discriminate and spew our self-hate

If we can get past all the egotistical bark,

We can gather the screws and the nails,

The shovels and the pails,

The wood and the sails to build a great ark

One that will stay afloat in this deluge of heinous news

That capture the moments that make us sink in an ocean of blues

And make us prey to the lurking monsters underneath


Lord, I pray for relief

I pray to receive the grace that can save the human race

Let us race to the fields with love for the lilies and the poppies

The birds and the bees

Let us be on our knees in awe of the gorgeous reality that floats up from the sea of our dreams

We can be swimming in a sea of our metaphorical green

And not worry about the past or the future or any little thing…

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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