Loving Once Values Everything

What is love?

Love is God!

That's what you've been told?

No, it's a feeling from above.


I want to kiss you on the forehead

And I want to hold your hand

I want you to see

That around you I am the true me.


I want to hug you tightly

And kiss you on the cheek

I want everything of you, nightly

Not just a sneak peak .


I want to act like my true self

And I want you to be yourself 

I want you to accept me

The way I accept you, you see


I wish you could tell me what you think

So I can be honest too, that way

I wouldn't be writing in my diary every day



I don't like the same things you do

But I try to find out more about them

Because I love you and I care about you

And I'm interested in what you do.


It would be so boring to be the same

I'm glad we've never been;

I love the smell of your perfume

And the softness of your skin.


I love how you let me be

And how you make me laugh so loud

That's the person I want to see

And I feel like I'm on a cloud.


I know we fight

But I can't stay mad at you

Because from the bottom of my heart 

I genuinely love you.


Even though I'm shallow 

I don't want to be anymore

Because love is what we are living for

And we should live a beautiful tomorrow.



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