From:God To: You

You probably wonder why I put you through all of these things

you probably feel like a dirty wet useless rag and wonder why I keep sending you through the ring
I want you to know I believe in you and your power I love you more than you could ever love me
I love you so much I sent my one and only son to die for your sins
I love you so much I gave you the sole power to choose me
I gave you the capability to be who you want to be
I love you far past the eye can see
And far past your understanding of who I am to you or who I have come to be
"I give the toughest of battles to the strongest warriors." 
Well....I do,  Yes it's quite cliche' but it's true.
"Well if that's the case then everyone else is a warrior too." You might say
But they don't fight the same battles you do.
So they are strong, But they aren't strong like you. There is something I want to do for you
If you trust me to. I will make a living testament to how good I truly am out of you.
I will pull you from the mud and dirt of your trials and tribulations. Wash you , cover your skin in white robes
and adorn your neck with the finest of jewels. When people see you they will see me through you.
They will see what I do and how I see all of my children through. Despite what you may think I love you.
I will make a champion out of you.
All the wildest desires of your heart I will bring to your doorstep for you
Never will you go hungry, tired , poor as long as I am with you

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