abundance of love

i wrap my self up in my own love

because i never found someone who could love me as much

constant target on my back

media telling me my black is wack

but their wrong

you see my black is strong

yeah i come from a broken home

daddy he was never home

but ima prove em all wrong

ima be something they never thought i could be

ima shatter the expectations and ima decide what my future is gonna be

ima love myself unconditonally

wont ever see my depending on a man unless its the G.O.D

and thats God the creater the almighty

and although i cant see ima still believe

because his plan is his plan for me and i have faith

ill forever be a follower of christ , cant walk away

God is so good and hes done so much for me

so ima wrap myself up in all this abundance of love

and show the people what i was made to be




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My community


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