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In God’s hands I am a voice to speak of all the wondrous things that he has put here for the joy that life occasionally brings. And as I write he guides my hand to make his presence known
When you lose Remember There will be another blessed day There will be another play
Love me now while I can love you in return Love me now when, at will I can turn on and off the lantern Love me now while, still
It is Thanksgiving afternoon Different is the celebration We must now wear a mask In order to safely see Christmas
Let this ugly blessed be a lesson for me... May it teach me everything your testing  Manifest this blessing 
How do I see Babylonians? (People who move/live like vampires, leeches, etc.)
may ayimafro-germanpoetessayist established theterm "black german" until then germans wouldcall a person of color a "neger" however oneof the most inspiringtalentstook her own life: august 91996 that's it. god bless youmay ayim
So sick of crying but more sick of you The yous who are telling me what I should and should not be feeling The yous who are telling me how I should be healing None of you know, how could you nor do I 
How is it? That after so long of waiting. Asking. I would recieve this gift, And forget.   How can it be? That after feeling complete peace. Love.
We only take deep breaths when we're told.Like when we're in a Drs office and they're checking for a cold.But, what about the deep breaths when we're gasping for air,when our brain says breathe, but there's no oxygen there...We'll think of all the
Blessed   God opened my eyes this morning rather it is sunny or clouds, I am here to see another day and I am so grateful proud.
I rewind & rewind. Again, it proves fruitless.
My first memory was driving sixty-seven miles per hour on the freeway, any other day, just going through the ride.   My next memory, my windows were gone, there was a board by my head, car was on its side.
Because I Love You   I put you first Your needs, your wants, your happiness Your smiles, your tears, your weaknesses In them my heart’s immersed   Because I Love You  
Because I Love You   I put you first Your needs, your wants, your happiness Your smiles, your tears, your weaknesses In them my heart’s immersed   Because I Love You  
Dear future husband,
He stretches out the heavens like a canopy and spreads them out like a tent to live under. He allows us to play with the idea of walking in immeasurable confidence. So we can take risks without the fear of failure. We can,
Going to school,  12 years and I'm done. All my 8 classes, demanding attention. I use my car to drive there, it could use new suspension. All that car maintenance, demands such attention.
A past year of endless blessings, And I find myself guessing of how the new spring rains will shower upon my life. I am a Child of God,
The first of the year Page one of the next three hundred and sixty five  It doesn't seem long, a whole revolution around the sun seems longer At the begining of this year I didn't understand the blessings I had
we never realize how quickly everything can change  we can think we have it all and its taken away in the blink of an eye   volleyball  kept my world together i jumped up
More than Just Simple Blessings by Christian Betancourt    Life is truly a blessing 
I never prayed to God for this sin to happen,
Awesome Is... Having your very own bedroom A paid phone bill Smiling in the face of danger A surprise from your sweetie Dangling on the edge, knowing you have a friend to catch you
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
Today's a new day God let me have this morning Noon, nectar, nocturne.
My, my, What vain and selfish pride have I? To want for my own what exists so pure, holds a radiance that can so many cure. Let your beauty spread wherever it may That, O Felicity, is the only way.  
Catch the sun Catch it before it sets
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
Last year held challenges, Some that terrified me, some that didn’t. All were conquerable With the right mindset. I made my plans, I planted my heart Firmly, steadfastly into them.  
I am thankful for the clothes on my back thru this chilling season,For the roof over my head and comfortable bed,For the plenty of food that keeps my tummy full,
Little Things by Dillon D. Our selfish desires can blind us when they become our god. They make us forget all of our blessings. Be thankful of the little things. A roof over your head,
There's no such thing as a happy ending. Either you're hurt or you're dead. You think you'll always have people there, But were the hell is a friend?
The struggles of everyday life are endlessKeeping up with everything can be arduousI'm really trying to keep up with all of thisAll you can do is smile and pretend to be famous
Beauty is not an idea tossed around gently. Beaty is thrown around like a football, Sometimes trampled on or throw in the air. To some, the football has no meaing. To several, it has an abundance of meanings.
With my ukulele guiding me down the pathway to good vibes. With the breeze in my hair giving me a feeling of pure comfort. With the sun on my face enveloping me in its transient warmth.
to live is to die and be reborn, stronger. to die is to know what it means to live: to love to laugh to cry and somehow fall over the edge, regardless. to love is to feel affection
There were times when I hungered for what you had.When I begged for you to see me.when it was not my mouth that cried, but my heart.When my spirit bore into yours, and kept a place there,like a hook in your side.  But you, a haughty man.
It’s true, I am old, and I am going out of style That’s why I don’t listen to the music for my FM dial. But I beg of you to stay, sit, and listen for a while, And look at this wonderful world through the eyes of a child.
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
Tears fall down my face, what is this, another heart break. At this point in time I am giving up. There is no reason to try with this kind of luck. If only I could find one special person who knew how to treat me right.
What you run from stays with you longer And what you fight eventually becomes stronger This pessimism is taking a toll on me It's like I can't even see who I set out to be
Life, what is it that you cant do to me. What lessons, what fate is there that you are dying to show me. My hearts stopped, my mind is froze, my legs are locked so do your worse to me.
Why does man fear pain? We can learn from it, there is so much to gain. We come into this world in such painful manners, Our mothers give birth to us throughout several hours.
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