Pain Leads to Perfection


United States
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Why does man fear pain? We can learn from it, there is so much to gain.
We come into this world in such painful manners, Our mothers give birth to us throughout several hours.
Yet they rejoice when the labor is done, Mother and child, the bond is done.
Now her baby must face lifes struggle, it must be quick to avoid or overcome trouble.
The world will tests its morality, and force it to think rationally.
There are pains it will not understand, like world hunger or living with corruption and contraband.
If it can look at evil in the eyes, and reject all of its lies,Then the child itself might be rejected by his friends, but if he sticks to the truth until the end, then he will grow and prosper, that is what pain can offer. Pain and life go hand in hand, like soild and dirt across the land. Its a beautiful curse, and its so diverse. Pain will humble you and open your mind, you will understand life and not feel so blind. So i say to man, embrance pain whenever you can.


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