Ugly blessings

Let this ugly blessed be a lesson for me...

May it teach me everything your testing 

Manifest this blessing 


Young black and queer That’s the poster child, mentally that’s something like a punching bag. 

Friends and family they always make you sad. When they doing pretty good they can forget you fast. Just wanting to be free I guess that makes you bad. Some go out of the way to make you feel like trash.Talk about you like a dog I guess that make em glad. The music in your heart is all You’ll ever have . 

The best blessings in life come at a price, 

There is testing when there’s strife it creates the wise. Manifesting from thanks given in advance and rebuking lies.

So if a blessing is ugly, is it still a blessing,

So hard to accept but still teach a lesson?

This that out the box kinda gift, it’s pure And unsaturated but may come with a risk


Blessings come and go like the seasons change, like the winter cold yea I felt that pain, yea I shed some blood and it left a stain, it all washed away spinning down the drain. But really who’s to blame. Really why do we deny..missing out on times 

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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