God opened my eyes this morning rather it is sunny or clouds,

I am here to see another day and I am so grateful proud.

Do not know what the day will behold, but God has given me the strength and the courage I need to journey through this day,

I am not going to let anything or anyone negative get in my way.

I pray in the morning and pray again at night,

That God keeps me safe, and He continue to bless my life.


I may not have everything I want, but God blesses me with the things I need,

Food, shelter and clothing and the other basic things I need in my life, which helps me to succeed and maintain my serenity and peace.

I might not have all those beautiful and gorgeous things that are achieved from having great wealth,

But I am thankful to God every day for peace, serenity, joy, happiness and perfect health.


I look at the world around me, and ponders what will soon become of it all,

Will man bring endless destruction, and the earth will crumble and fall?

I look at the peoples who are homeless, lame, blind or cannot speak,

I am blessed that I have all my physical abilities, and I am able to walk, talk and see.

I am blessed to see another morning, because life is so short, and life is just speeding away,

I am blessed for today, and my hopes of seeing tomorrow, and for this blessing each night I pray.


I am blessed even though life have its challenges, struggles, obstacles and pain,

Many are not blessed to see tomorrow, rest in peace thousands of them are in their graves and in silence they remain.

So count your blessings each and every day,

God is loving and He will continue to send blessings your way.




By Cathy Prather Russell

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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