Mental Injuries

we never realize

how quickly

everything can change 

we can think we have it all

and its taken away

in the blink of an eye



kept my world together

i jumped up

slammed that ball

and came down

all the way down


i felt it

my knee popped out

like a puzzle piece

i fell to the floor

it popped back in

shattering pain

i couldnt move it

they couldnt touch me

everybody was watching

i ahd never been like this before

never was i

the athlete who didnt get up


i was embarrassed


and immediately


knees are serious

and this was the worst pain of my life


after two minutes

i let them help me up

i shifted my weight

"i can play"

i said

they didnt let me


two days later

i get the news

your ACL 

is gone

theres the season

theres your chance at college

theres all the happiness

for the next six months

if you're lucky


its just physical i thought

i'll be okay


im not







ive never loved the game more

ive never wanted to play more

ill never complain again

i miss hitting

i miss passing

most of all

i miss the intensity

i even miss the running

i would give anything to be able to play


ive never been this way

im not going to lie

this kills me

watching volleyball everyday

not being able to play

kills me

im falling apart inside

nothing is the same

i have no way to relieve stress

nothign to help me just

get away from it all


injuries are far

harder on your mind

than on your body


so i speak to you


cherish every game 

like its your last

because it got taken from me

in the blink of an eye

and it kills me every night

knowing i cant do what i love


cherish your sport

because injuriies are not

just physical

theyre mental

they eat you up

they tear you apart


cherish it

because in one blink

it's gone


im not the same






ill be okay though

six months will pass

i will play again

but i will never play the same way

never will i dread a practice

i will apreciate and cherish it

ill understand

im blessed by god

to play the game

that i love


because injuries, 

theyre not just physical

but mental too

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