A Blessed Her

I never prayed to God for this sin to happen,

If anything I tried to pray my feelings away,
For awhile I thought they were like a lost dog and became a stray,
But here they go again,
They all got revealed on Friday, 
I can lie about love,
But I can't fight what I like,
Believe me I tried,
Yeah I took my family into consideration in the back of my mind,
That if they found out they'd all cry,
But she'd be worth a fight,
Could I look ahead to the future and see me introducing her to people as my wife?
Is that a risk I'm willing to take?
The "this is unacceptable" looks on their face,
Well here let me try and plead my case,
She can make laugh,
Her eyes are beautiful but they can cut you like broken glass if you make her mad,
She has this lovable domineer, 
I love her with glasses even though she thinks she looks "weird",
I understand her deepest fear,
I hear her name and I get the shivers,
Every day with her is something you want to remember,
Do you understand me now?
Would you stand by me if I confessed this to a crowd?
Do I have to silently scream for you to hear me out?
She's what I want,
I'm sorry it's wrong,
I can't change me,
I thought it was a phase like you're saying to yourself,
But it's just her,
No I don't want or need help,
God knows my heart,
I apologize again,
I've acknowledged that I know that it's a sin,
But it's not fair that I have to pay for Adam and Eve's mistakes,
I probably took it too far,
We were discussing the matters of my heart,
Well she's where they start,
Seeing her hits me like my aim on trying to get bulls eye while playing darts,
Everywhere and all over the chart,
Im after the love of a woman like my father,
I'd like to apologize to my Mom for being a screwed up daughter,
But I went in too deep,
I'm bleeding 
in shark infested waters,
No heroes to my rescue ,
Only enemies who look a lot like family ,
to make the blade to cut me sharper.
Would you believe me if I said I was gay even if I told you with a straight face?
Would you see the love in a topic that receives nothing but hate?
At the end of the day,feelings are something I could never fake.
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My family
Our world
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