Life Lessons


It’s true, I am old, and I am going out of style

That’s why I don’t listen to the music for my FM dial.

But I beg of you to stay, sit, and listen for a while,

And look at this wonderful world through the eyes of a child.

Promise me that you let your imagination take flight today,

Don’t let your childhood dreams be chased away.

This world has never been a safe place for youngsters to go out and play,

But that is not an excuse to hide and push everyone away;

Remember, success is not final, failure is not fatal.

Life is like water, always changing, it’s never stable

Come on, take your chances and spin the wheel,

That is what makes my own life so surreal.

Because change is one of major fabrics of life

Even though it may cause other people some strife;

But don’t mind them. Express the happiness that is hidden within.

They may not like it but that is no sin.

I hope you take my words of advice, even if it sound pretty bazaar

Because it’s my time to leave, but don’t be sad I won’t be far.

If you ever need me, don’t hesitate, just look the stars.

We can always talk through the strums from your wooden guitar.

But sadly, I can’t promise you that I will be back one day.

Like our body, our memories will too soon fade away

But don’t let that hold you back. Go out there and just live for today.


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