Because I Love You

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 12:50 -- sgast6

Because I Love You


I put you first

Your needs, your wants, your happiness

Your smiles, your tears, your weaknesses

In them my heart’s immersed


Because I Love You


My life becomes your song

A shelter from harm and tearful streams

A place to thrive and grow and dream

I’ll raise you up so strong


Because I Love You


You will never be alone

At home, abroad, in lands far away

My heart is your heart and forever it stays

My devotion is made of stone


For when you were granted solely to me

My life had ever more become free

For in you I found no burden nor pain,

My life sung out a brand-new strain

I’d been drenched with the sweetest of rain

You were part of me.


For in your eyes is my reflection

One small piece of God’s perfection

Your smile my own, your laugh a blessing

A soft, little hand, in mine caressing

Forever my love I’ll be professing

Oh how you’ve made me whole


My life’s complete, in you it’s fulfilled

My fears and worries, you alone have stilled

I pray I remain your fortress, as you are to me

How deep the depths of my heart, you will never see

My child, my dearest, you’ll forever be

Oh, because I love you.

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My family
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