More of a Reason To Never Give Up.


Tears fall down my face, what is this, another heart break. At this point in time I am giving up. There is no reason to try with this kind of luck. If only I could find one special person who knew how to treat me right. They love me just as much as I love them, and we just fall more in love with eachother no matter how far apart in distance we are. Months ago this seemed so intangible, but now I realize. Yes I am not a perfect pretty princess living in a perfect farytale land, but I found this prince charming I have been waiting oh so patiently for, land right on in my hand. Yes we have our problems, but we also share good memories as well. Maybe just maybe I wont deal with the pain, heartbreak, and depression with him, if it happens it happens it will give me more reason to give up, but for right now, I  found my love. Maybe I will miss old people in the past, but it gives me less a reason to regret the past. The past made me the strong girl that I am today.  So even when times get hard and get rough, just remember to never give up. If I have learned anything from the last 18 years of my life, it is to never give up and to always try. The grass is always greener on the other side, but you have to work hard to get there, and that is when you will see the silver light. 


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