More than Just Simple Blessings

More than Just Simple Blessings by Christian Betancourt 


Life is truly a blessing 

A gift from above 

From the man upstairs 

That holds us dear 

He gives us daylight

And give us seasons

The cold breezy nights of winter

The warm rays of the summer

The leafless days of the fall

Along with clear blue skies 


From the moment our eyes unfold. 

The moment our lungs inhale fresh air. 

To the beating of our stable hearts 

To every bodily part and organ 

Every limb

Every bone

Every finger or arm

That seem to function adequately  

Functioning from dusk to dawn 

Yet we often take for granted. 


I am not blind, 

To the reality that 

Not everyone posses these abilities. 

Not all men carry gold and wear fur

Nor drive luxurious rides

Nor live coastside near the shore

Not all men are immune to every disease. 


But look closer and within, 

Past your own notions, 

And past what is vacant in your life. 

I assure you, 

For there is always something to be grateful for, 


What one may have, 

Another may not. 

Let us not erase this truth from our minds. 


Technology and society among  

Other things and activities

Distract us often 

They blind fold us  

From seeing these blessings we hold 

We've become like slaves  

To these materialistic objects 

And this materialistic culture. 

As we lust over the next fancy phone 

Over the new-year-model convertible 

Over top designer pair of sneakers 

Over emulating actors and models 

That we forget  

We are fine  

Right where we are. 


So give thanks  

Give thanks at all times 

You are blessed  

There are blessings all around you 

Our days could be gloomier 

Our skies could be darker 

Our bodies less mobile 

Yet we are not 

Do not forget this. 


As you open your eyes 

As you rise up to stretch your muscles

Out of our bed.

As you take in another breathe of fresh air. 

And as long as your heart continues to beat promptly 

Then you are alive.

So give thanks and embrace life.

For it is a blessing.

One that must be cherished.



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