Born into Blessings

The first of the year

Page one of the next three hundred and sixty five 

It doesn't seem long, a whole revolution around the sun seems longer

At the begining of this year I didn't understand the blessings I had

What did I do to be born into this life 

I have food, water and shelter

That's more than billions on this Earth will ever have

Through out the year I learned that while I have daily struggles

That hurt, scare, and pain me at times

I was still born into a life filled with opportunity and blessings beyond belief

To have a family, to have support 

these are pricless assets in my life that not everyone can say they have

I don't know how my life is going to turn out

That in of it's self is a blessing

In my life I will shoot for the stars, because I don't see a ceiling on my potential

My furture hasn't been written yet, it can't even be predicted

I can become whatever I want, I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to

I was born into a life where I was given immense opportunity

And it will not be wasted.




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